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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, The Anonymous History of Abbot Ceolfrith.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Bede report reviewed and revised his work?
(a) Ceolfrith.
(b) Benedict.
(c) Wilfrid.
(d) The Priest Herefrith.

2. What sign does Stephanus claim was sent to prove that God intended Wilfred to be a saint?
(a) God brought defeat to kings who opposed him.
(b) God sent an angel to protect the monastery at Oundle.
(c) The seas were calmed after storms shiprwrecked his party.
(d) He brought a baby back from death.

3. Who does Stephanus report led a synod which was actually a trap to take the properties that were under Wilfrid's authority?
(a) Archdeacon Boniface.
(b) Archbishop Berhtwald.
(c) Bishop Colman.
(d) Pope Agatho.

4. Where is the body of Cuthbert buried, according to Bede's record?
(a) At the bottom of the lake where he kept many prayer vigils.
(b) In a stone coffin on the right side of the altar in the church of the Blessed Apostle Peter.
(c) In the catacombs of Wearmouth monastery.
(d) In the pasture that he kept during his time as a hermit.

5. According to Stephanus, how did the expansion of the Kingdom that Wilfrid advised expand his authority as Bishop?
(a) Wilfrid was recognized by Rome as a powerful Bishop of England.
(b) Wilfrid became bishop over the Saxons, British, Scots, and Picts.
(c) Wilfrid used the expansion of the kingdom to claim more lands for the church.
(d) Wilfrid became wealthier from the expansion of the kingdom and used his wealth to buy support from Rome.

Short Answer Questions

1. What came of a phantom fire that came upon a village while Bede reports that Cuthbert was teaching on the distractions of the devil?

2. How many monks did the anonymous author report Ceolfrith left behind at his monasteries?

3. Who does Stephanus claim taught Wilfrid the rules of Easter while he was in this city?

4. In what city did Stephanus report Wilfrid's traveling companion leave him after they started their journey to St. Peter's?

5. Who was named to rule the monastery shortly before Ceolfrith joined it, according to the anonymous author?

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