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Ancient England and Ireland - These places are the major settings of all the works in The Age of Bede.

The Wearmouth and Jarrow Monasteries - These sites were founded by Benedict Biscop and run by the abbots mentioned in The Age of Bede.

Northumbria - This is the kingdom of Angles in northeast England and the south of Scotland, established in 653 and conquered in 954.

Prayer - The Age of Bede is filled with these ecclesiastical utterances.

The Psalter - This is the list of the Davidic Psalms which were regularly prayed by the monks of the twin monasteries.

The Codex Amiantus - This is the earliest manuscript of the entire Bible that survives written in the Latin Vulgate. It was created with medieval calligraphy.

Relics - These are physical pieces of holy origins, such as pieces of the true cross of Jesus Christ.

Pilgrimages - Many...

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