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• "The Age of Bede" holds five texts that Farmer says historians claim provide valuable information about England's and Ireland's early Christian Church.

• The subjects in "The Age of Bede" are written of as heroes who fight against the devil and his demons with prayer, fasting, and solitude

• Cuthbert and Wifrid were Northubrians who were trained as Irish monks and became Bishops.

• Cuthbert spent much time in Rome and returned to England to encourage England to take the Roman side of a conflict between Roman and Irish Christianity.
• "The Life of Wifred," written by Eddius Stephanus is the first historical biography written by an Anglo-Saxon.

• Bede's "Lives of the Abbots" is written about several figures and covers local historical facts within 10 years after the events occurred.

• "The Voyage of St. Brendan" is full of symbolism and lore from mythological traditions.

• English Christianity was supported when the King of...

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