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Bernard Evslin
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Calypso claim to have turned Ulysses into when she saw him fall from his raft?

2. What special ability does Calypso have?

3. What provision do Ulysses' men find in abundance on Thrinacia?

4. What is Ulysses tricked into believing his men are eating in Section 11?

5. Who is Ulysses' mother?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ulysses learn from a crow of his wife, Penelope, back in Ithaca?

2. What happens when Poseidon returns from his vacation in Africa?

3. Why do several of his men believe Ulysses killed Elpenor intentionally?

4. Who was Charybdis before she is turned into a monster?

5. How does Calypso know that Ulysses is coming in Section 12?

6. How does Athene intervene in Ulysses' journey once he has reached Phaeacia?

7. What fate befalls Ulysses' ship when he sets sail from Thrinacia?

8. Why does Ulysses decide his crew should leave Thrinacia after their hunt is unsuccessful?

9. Who is Ino? What is her motivation for helping Ulysses?

10. What obstacle does Ulysses encounter when he reaches the shore of Phaeacia?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Adventures of Ulysses features a number of archetypes, such as the journey and the hero. Write an essay describing the archetypes found in the novel and the meanings behind them.

Essay Topic 2

The Adventures of Ulysses is set in the Bronze Age on the Aegean sea, Ithaca, Olympus, as well as a few other islands etc. Discuss the setting of the novel The Adventures of Ulysses and what effect the time and place of the story has on the plot.

Essay Topic 3

Magic is a recurring motif in the novel The Adventures of Ulysses. The gods use magic, sometimes to help Ulysses, sometimes to hinder him. Write an essay on the role of magic in the novel.

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