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Bernard Evslin
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Hypnos?

2. What does Ulysses see from atop a tree in Section 7?

3. To whom does Eris intend to award the fruit at the wedding she attends uninvited?

4. What God is angered by the defeat of Troy?

5. What direction do Ulysses' ships sail in Section 5?

Short Essay Questions

1. What plan does Ulysses devise that leads to the Greeks' victory over Troy?

2. What is attracted to the baubles thrown from Ulysses' ships in their retreat from the island? Who is angered by this?

3. What heroic feat does Ulysses accomplish in Section 3?

4. What role does greed play in ruining Ulysses' return to Ithaca?

5. What mistake does Ulysses make once he and his men are safely on their ship having escaped Polyphemus?

6. How does Aeolus recognize Ulysses?

7. What happens to two of Ulysses' ships on the Island of the Racing Sun?

8. What is the lotus-flower?

9. Why does Ulysses resist attacking the island village that his men spot from their ships?

10. What do Eurylochus and his men discover at the castle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the two female characters Circe and Calypso.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the point of view of the story. How does the point of view affect the story? How does it affect the reader's experience?

Essay Topic 3

The Adventures of Ulysses is set in the Bronze Age on the Aegean sea, Ithaca, Olympus, as well as a few other islands etc. Discuss the setting of the novel The Adventures of Ulysses and what effect the time and place of the story has on the plot.

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