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Bernard Evslin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Elpenor instruct Ulysses to avoid so that he does not lose his entire crew?
(a) The monster cyberus.
(b) The monster Charybdis.
(c) The monster Scylla.
(d) The Cyclops monsters.

2. What insect does the monster Scylla resemble?
(a) A centipede.
(b) A scorpion.
(c) A spider.
(d) A moth.

3. What stops the Hellenes from leaving Thrinacia?
(a) Illness.
(b) A storm.
(c) Damage to their ship.
(d) A sleeping spell.

4. What does Athene do when Ulysses departs from Phaeacia?
(a) Athene makes the winds blow so that the trip is quickened.
(b) Athene warns Poseidon not to interfere.
(c) Athene travels with him disguised as a servant.
(d) Athene drugs Poseidon.

5. How long are the Hellenes stuck at Thrinacia?
(a) Thirty days.
(b) Fourteen days.
(c) Two months.
(d) Six months.

6. How does the color of the sky affect Ulysses' mood in Section 9?
(a) Ulysses' spirits are lifted.
(b) Ulysses becomes vengeful.
(c) Ulysses' spirits are dampened.
(d) Ulysses becomes fearful.

7. How is Ulysses warned he would find his son upon his return home?
(a) Dead.
(b) Suffering illness.
(c) Being held captive.
(d) Lost at sea.

8. What direction is Ulysses forced to sail due to the rocks in Section 9?
(a) West.
(b) South by Southeast.
(c) East.
(d) North by Northwest.

9. Why does Ino offer to help Ulysses in Section 13?
(a) Ino expects a favor in return for her help.
(b) Ino respects Ulysses for his heroics in the Trojan war.
(c) Ino loves humans.
(d) Ino hates Poseidon.

10. What plant does Ulysses rest amongst after reaching land in Section 13?
(a) Wheat.
(b) Ferns.
(c) Grass.
(d) Reeds.

11. What does Ulysses hold Eurylochus and Perimedes responsible for?
(a) Guarding the ship.
(b) The safety of the sun-cattle.
(c) Collecting water.
(d) Hunting for food.

12. Why do Nausicaa's parents lose patience with her?
(a) Nausicaa turns down all of her suitors.
(b) Nausicaa does not heed the gods.
(c) Nausicaa spends too much gold.
(d) Nausicaa spends all of her time playing.

13. Who is Nausicaa's father?
(a) Zeus.
(b) King Icarus.
(c) King Cepheus.
(d) King Alcinous.

14. What special ability does Calypso have?
(a) Calypso can control peoples' minds.
(b) Calypso can control the tides.
(c) Calypso can see the past and future.
(d) Calypso can communicate telepathically.

15. Who is Teiresias?
(a) A prophet.
(b) A god.
(c) A king.
(d) A fallen soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. What bird do the Hellenes follow from their ship in Section 8?

2. What is unique about the rocks that Ulysses' ship encounters in Section 9?

3. What does Calypso claim to have turned Ulysses into when she saw him fall from his raft?

4. Who do some say Nausicaa eventually falls in love with?

5. What does Ulysses throw which knocks a hole in the castle courtyard in Section 14?

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