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Bernard Evslin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12, Calypso.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal do the Hellenes hunt on the island?
(a) Chickens.
(b) Wild pig.
(c) Goats.
(d) Stag.

2. Who is Polyphemus' father?
(a) Zeus.
(b) Poseidon.
(c) Kronos.
(d) Chaos.

3. Who is Ulysses' mother?
(a) Antileia.
(b) Aether.
(c) Agave.
(d) Cassandra.

4. What does Calypso say Ulysses is in time for when waking up in Ogygia the second time?
(a) Ulysses' funeral.
(b) Ulysses' welcoming party.
(c) The wedding of Ulysses' wife.
(d) Ulysses' wedding feast.

5. Which god tells Zeus that Poseidon's treatment of Ulysses is unjust?
(a) Artemis.
(b) Aphrodite.
(c) Apollo.
(d) Athene.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ulysses told that Penelope weaves every day?

2. Where does Pulyphemus trap the Hellenes?

3. Where does Ulysses believe he is when he awakes in Section 12?

4. What special ability does Calypso have?

5. What are the Hellenes instructed not to eat by Teiresias?

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