Objects & Places from The Adventures of Ulysses

Bernard Evslin
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This is where Ulysses' adventures begins.


This is the mode of transportation used by Ulysses and his men.

Trojan booty

This is what the Hellenes dump into the sea, drawing the attention of a shoal of naiads.

Village of Ciconians

This is what the Hellenes stop to raid on an island.


This is the southernmost island of Greece.


This is where the race of men live who do nothing but eat lotus-flowers and sleep.


This enables sleepers to dream.

Isle of the Cyclops

This is where the Hellenes are trapped in a cave and several men are eaten.


This is the home of the Greek gods.


This is the land Ulysses rules as king.

Island of the Winds

This is where Aeolus' fortress stands.

Bag of Winds

This is the reward that Aeolus gives to Ulysses.

Island of the Racing Sun

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