Daily Lessons for Teaching The Adventures of Ulysses

Bernard Evslin
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Lesson 1

Objective: Section 1, Prologue & Ships and Men Exposition is a narrative device, usually used at the beginning of a novel, which gives the reader necessary background information about the characters and their circumstances at present. The novel The Adventures of Ulysses uses exposition to inform the reader of the events leading to the Trojan War, of which the protagonist, Ulysses, is presently returning home from. This lesson discusses the use of exposition in The Adventures of Ulysses.

1) Class Discussion: As a class, create a definition for exposition. Write the definition on the board and have students copy it into their notebooks. Discuss examples of exposition from other works, and compare the effectiveness of Evslin's use of exposition to these other works. Discuss the importance of the background information given in the prologue. Would the reader's understanding of the characters and their circumstances be affected if the background information...

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