The Adventures of Ulysses Character Descriptions

Bernard Evslin
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Ulysses - This character is the King of Ithaca.

Poseidon - This character is the God of the Sea.

Eurylochus - This character believes it is wiser to anger the gods than to starve to death.

Nausicaa - This character allegedly goes on to travel the world singing of the Trojan War.

Calypso - This character is able to see the past and future within a magical fire.

Penelope's Suitors - These characters are unable to string the hero's bow.

Athene - This character drugs the God of the Sea.

Circe - This character turns men into four-legged beasts.

Elpenor - This character is accidentally killed.

Penelope - This character knits a shroud.

Telemachus - This character wants to be able to shoot the hero's bow someday.

Polyphemus - This character is blinded.

Aeolus - This character offers a bag of winds to help the ships sail...

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