The Adventures of Ulysses Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bernard Evslin
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Section 1, Prologue & Ships and Men

• Eris attends the wedding of Peleus and Thetis uninvited.

• Eris offers an apple as an award to the fairest Goddess at the wedding.

• Aphrodite bribes the just of the contest, Paris, offering him any woman he desires.

• Paris kidnaps Helen.

• The Greeks set sail to Troy to save Helen.

• Ulysses devises a plan to hide men within a wooden horse in order to get them into Troy.

• The Greek army defeats Troy, angering Poseidon.

• Ulysses sets sail for Greece with three ships filled with treasures looted from Troy.

Section 2, The Ciconians

• On the second morning of the Greek's voyage home a small village is spotted on an island.

• Ulysses at first resists his crew's wish to attack the village, but concedes when he is convinced that the village is a gift from the gods.

• The villagers organize in the hills and attack the...

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