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Short Answer Questions

1. After Watson finds and leaves with Whitney, who does Watson run into?

2. What is the female's profession in "A Scandal in Bohemia?"

3. What is the outcome of the case in "The Red-Headed League?"

4. "A Case of Identity" begins with Holmes and Watson discussing the strangeness of _______________________.

5. Who is Holmes' client in "The Red-Headed League?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the case Holmes takes on in "A Scandal in Bohemia?"

2. Who are the main characters in "A Case of Identity"?

3. What is Holmes' plan to recover the picture in "A Scandal in Bohemia?"

4. How does Miss Sutherland come into a large sum of money in "A Case of Identity?"

5. Who are the characters in "The Five Orange Pips"?

6. Describe Holmes' process for solving cases.

7. Why do you think Doyle ends "The Five Orange Pips" with no real resolution?

8. In "The Red-Headed League", why does Holmes want to look at Spaulding's knees?

9. While pondering the clues of the case in "The Man with the Twisted Lip", what does Holmes do?

10. As "A Case of Identity" begins, what are Watson and Holmes discussing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the point of view from which the Sherlock Holmes stories are told.

Essay Topic 2

In "The Man with the Twisted Lip," Holmes and Watson often travel in the underbelly of London. Additionally, Holmes is somewhat addicted to morphine and cocaine. The story has Holmes and Watson going deep into the underground world of opium dens and beggars. In an essay, analyze the theme of social realism, as attempted by Doyle.

Essay Topic 3

Holmes uses the process of deduction in solving his cases. Contrast this with more traditional detective work using inductive reasoning. What are the similarities and differences between these two types of reasoning?

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