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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 3, A Case of Identity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unusual about Angel?
(a) Angel walks with a limp.
(b) Angel is very wealthy yet dresses like a slob.
(c) Angel wears dark glasses and speaks quietly.
(d) Angel knows Holmes from a previous case.

2. What is the purpose of the Red-Headed League?
(a) For the education of red-headed families.
(b) To advance the interests of red-headed men everywhere.
(c) To outline the lineage of red-headed people.
(d) To preserve the wealth of red heads.

3. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," what is unusual about the visitor who comes to Holmes' apartment?
(a) The visitor is wearing unusual glasses.
(b) The visitor is not wearing any clothes.
(c) The visitor is wearing an eyepatch.
(d) The visitor is wearing a mask.

4. How does Miss Sutherland support herself?
(a) Her allowance from her stepfather.
(b) She works as a prostitute.
(c) She is married and her husband supports her.
(d) Her inheritance and a job as a typist.

5. What is the outcome of the case in "The Red-Headed League?"
(a) Holmes solves the case and catches the criminal.
(b) Holmes solves the case but lets the criminal go free.
(c) Holmes solves the case and executes the criminal.
(d) Holmes is unable to solve the case.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "A Case of Identity," what does Holmes need in order to solve the case?

2. At the end of the case, what happens to the Red-Headed League?

3. Who is Holmes' client in "A Case of Identity?"

4. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," when is Holmes' client set to be blackmailed?

5. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," how does Holmes know someone is going to pay him a visit?

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