The Adventures of China Iron Fun Activities

Gabriela Cabezon Camara
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China Iron's Video Diary

Create a video diary for China Iron's journey from the pampas to the desert; you should work from her point of view, as if China Iron herself had the means to record video and sound along the way. Your work should show your understanding of her character--what is important to China Iron and what she understands at the time. You may intercut video shot by others (of the pampas, for instance), but make sure that it is historically appropriate and credited in your project.

Another Perspective

China Iron is the retelling of an Argentine epic from the point of view of a minor character in that epic. This time, instead of a poem, the format is that of a novel. Choose a minor character in this novel and retell the main events from their point of view; choose a third format (not poetry, not...

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