The Adoration of Jenna Fox Short Essay - Answer Key

Mary E. Pearson
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1. How does Jenna describe herself and a place in "Awareness"?

Jenna describes a dark place. It is is a place where she has no eyes, no mouth, and no words. She cannot cry, because she does not breath. The silence is deep and makes her want to die. The darkness and the quietness go on forever. She knows it is not a dream, because she does not dream.

2. In "Waking," what does Jenna know about herself and what has happened?

Jenna knows that there was an accident over a year ago, and she has been awake for two weeks. She cried when she woke. The first few days were difficult. Her mind and body thrashed out of control. Her mind was the first to settle. Then on the second day, her arms settled too. Every day she improved. One day she could not walk, and the next day she could. One day she could not talk, and another day she could. By the fifth day she was able to walk.

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