Objects & Places from The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Mary E. Pearson
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Bio Gel

This is a substance filled with neurochips that help preserve organs for transplant and that helps the body to rebuild organs, limbs, tissue, and nerves. It was created by Matthew Fox.

Point System

This is a government regulation that decrees how much of a person can be artificial.

Federal Science Ethics Board

This is a government entity that regulates the use of technology in human bodies and in research.

Boston, MA

This is where Jenna lived before the accident.


This is where Jenna and her parents move after her illegal restoration.

The Pons

This is the small portion of Jenna’s brain that her father was able to save. It is also described as a butterfly.


This is a book written by Thoreau that Ethan teaches and Jenna has memorized from an upload of school information.


This is a copy of a brain...

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