The Adoration of Jenna Fox Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Mary E. Pearson
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Essay Topic 1

Point of view determines how readers view the story and characters in a story. What a reader knows about events and characters is determined by the point of view in a book. What is the point of view in the book? How does the point of view influence what readers know about events and people? Why is it important that the story is told from Jenna’s perspective?

Essay Topic 2

Lily and Father Rico belong to an organization that is committed to preserving the original species of plants. What has happened to many species of plants? Why is it important to preserve original species? What are the dangers of bioengineering?

Essay Topic 3

Jenna compares the work that has been done for her after the accident to the restoration work her mother is having done on the house. In what way are both Jenna and the house...

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