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Short Answer Questions

1. Wrong tells Pheidippides not to listen to Right because he will grow up and be what?

2. The Chorus of Old Men primarily condemn what, as they struggle to the Acropolis?

3. In Lysistrata, after the women douse the men with water, who enters?

4. In The Clouds, who is "the bravest man that has performed the greatest number of labors"?

5. What does Lysistrata suggest the Magistrate and all the men do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the oath the four women take in Lysistrata.

2. Outline Wrong's argument in the formal debate.

3. How has The Chorus of The Clouds changed throughout the play?

4. How will The Chorus of The Clouds react if mistreated?

5. Describe the first confrontation between the Choruses of Men and Women in Lysistrata.

6. How does Lysistrata rally the women?

7. Describe Lysistrata.

8. In the past, how did the women of Lysistrata feel about the political blunders of their husbands? How did they deal with it?

9. How are the women reacting to the sex strike? What does this say about the women?

10. What do the pitchers carried by The Chorus of Old Women represent?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Megarian is a classic rural stereotype Aristophanes uses to poke fun at another city and way of life. However, this is hardly the only stereotype used in the play. Identify another stereotype used by Aristophanes, keeping in mind stereotypes are not always about race. What has Aristophanes gained or lost by this depiction?

Essay Topic 2

Pick two characters from different plays and compare and contrast them. Draw a conclusion about Aristophanes's messages to Athenians.

Essay Topic 3

Pick a Chorus that fascinates you and talk about their arc throughout the play they are featured in.

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