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Short Answer Questions

1. Who provides the rules for Right and Wrong's argument?

2. Why is Lysistrata angry in the beginning of the play?

3. In Part 1, Calonice tells Lysistrata that Athenians can always be relied on to be what?

4. In Lysistrata, where is Ismenia from?

5. What do The Chorus of Old Men carry onto the stage in their first appearance in Lysistrata?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare and contrast Calonice and Myrrhine.

2. After his education, what does Pheidippides consider acceptable in regard to his relationships with his parents?

3. What do The Chorus of Old Men's pots symbolize?

4. Describe how Strepsiades finally gets Pheidippides to attend The Thinkery.

5. Outline Right's argument in the formal debate.

6. Describe the second meeting of the Choruses in Lysistrata.

7. What does dressing the Magistrate as a woman symbolize?

8. How will The Chorus of The Clouds react if mistreated?

9. How are the women reacting to the sex strike? What does this say about the women?

10. How does Lysistrata rally the women?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Some of the situations and ideas expressed by Aristophanes throughout his work may come across today as offensive. Keeping in mind the range of things people find comedic today, talk about what those situations were and why they were historically considered fodder for comedy. In short, what did Ancient Greece find funny, and how have we changed?

Essay Topic 2

Aristophanes, as well as many other playwrights, has included historical figures in his work. As we know, Euripidies was an actual tragic playwright, and he is a character in the play. However, Cleon is another example of a real historical figure, though he is never represented onstage. Do you think fictional works affect how historical figures are presented, and if so, does it have a positive or negative effect on the person? Compare and contrast how you see Euripidies's, Cleon's, and Socrates's personalities today, and give evidence to support your conclusions.

Essay Topic 3

The characters of Dikaiopolis and Lamachus foil each other in The Acharnians. Pick two other characters that strongly contrast with each other. Describe them separately, and then talk about what makes them similar and different.

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