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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the debate, Right advocates what activity over chattering at the market?
(a) Thinking.
(b) Exercising.
(c) Writing.
(d) Reading.

2. In Lysistrata, what do the women carry with them to meet the Chorus of Old Men?
(a) Jugs of wine.
(b) Pitchers of water.
(c) Bowls of flour.
(d) Cups of sugar.

3. In Part 3 of Lysistrata, which woman is the first to exit the temple and face the Magistrate?
(a) Lysistrata.
(b) Lampito.
(c) Calcone.
(d) Myrrhne.

4. What do The Chorus of Old Men carry onto the stage in their first appearance in Lysistrata?
(a) Wine, honey, and olives.
(b) Thrushes, axes, and spears.
(c) Olive wood logs, torches, and live coals.
(d) Ambrosia, nectar, and apples.

5. The man spotted by Lysistrata in Part 4 is actually a husband, belonging to one of the women present. Whose husband is he?
(a) Lampito.
(b) Lysistrata.
(c) Calonice.
(d) Myrrhine.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Women tell a story of Timon to the Men. According to the women, Timon hated men. What didn't Timon hate?

2. What does Right talk about in his big speech, debating with Wrong?

3. How is Right dressed in Part 3 of The Clouds?

4. In The Clouds, what does the Second Creditor look like?

5. Who did Lysistrata expect to be at her meeting first?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are the women reacting to the sex strike? What does this say about the women?

2. Before they begin the formal debate, what are some of the things Right and Wrong bicker about?

3. After his education, what does Pheidippides consider acceptable in regard to his relationships with his parents?

4. Describe the first confrontation between the Choruses of Men and Women in Lysistrata.

5. How does Lysistrata rally the women?

6. How has The Chorus of The Clouds changed throughout the play?

7. How do the Choruses react to the scene between Cinesias and Myrrhine?

8. Outline Wrong's argument in the formal debate.

9. How will The Chorus of The Clouds react if mistreated?

10. In the past, how did the women of Lysistrata feel about the political blunders of their husbands? How did they deal with it?

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