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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What pair enter from the school as Strepsiades instructs Socrates what to teach Pheidippides?
(a) Light and Dark.
(b) War and Peace.
(c) Love and Hate.
(d) Right and Wrong.

2. In Lysistrata, what do the women carry with them to meet the Chorus of Old Men?
(a) Cups of sugar.
(b) Jugs of wine.
(c) Pitchers of water.
(d) Bowls of flour.

3. In Part 4 of Lysistrata, all of the women's excuses for wanting to leave the Acropolis are what?
(a) Completely valid.
(b) In the best interest of Greece.
(c) In the best interest of Lysistrata.
(d) Double-entendres.

4. What object does Lysistrata use as a metaphor to show how they will solve Greece's problems?
(a) A skin of wine, not yet aged.
(b) A day-old loaf of bread.
(c) A field of flowers in spring.
(d) A tangled skein of wool.

5. The Athenian women of Lysistrata are impressed with Lampito's what?
(a) Clothes.
(b) Physical form.
(c) Hair.
(d) Shoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. The women assembled are all ready to do anything to end the war except what?

2. Why is Myrrhine late for Lysistrata's meeting?

3. Who is the leader of The Chorus of Old Women in Lysistrata?

4. As the Choruses exchange words in Lysistrata upon their first meeting, Stratyllis offers to give the Men's Leader a what?

5. In the debate, Right advocates what activity over chattering at the market?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the first confrontation between the Choruses of Men and Women in Lysistrata.

2. What do the pitchers carried by The Chorus of Old Women represent?

3. How has The Chorus of The Clouds changed throughout the play?

4. Describe Lysistrata.

5. Describe the second meeting of the Choruses in Lysistrata.

6. Who is Lampito? Describe how she is treated by the Athenian women.

7. How will The Chorus of The Clouds react if mistreated?

8. How do the Choruses react to the scene between Cinesias and Myrrhine?

9. Describe the Magistrate in Part 3 of Lysistrata.

10. Describe how Strepsiades finally gets Pheidippides to attend The Thinkery.

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