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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Lysistrata, as she speaks to Stratylis, what are the women doing that upsets her so much?
(a) Deserting.
(b) Looting the temple.
(c) Eating too much.
(d) Going on a hunger-strike.

2. What is Lysistrata going to do to enforce her ban in Athens?
(a) Hold the women hostage.
(b) Go on a starvation strike.
(c) Occupy The Acropolis.
(d) Steal money from the temple to bribe the women.

3. In Lysistrata, after the women swear the oath and go to the Acropolis, who enters the stage?
(a) The Chorus of Old Men.
(b) The Chorus of Women.
(c) Lampito.
(d) Reconciliation.

4. Before the women took the Acropolis, the Magistrate had trouble with women. What did the last woman do to upset the Magistrate?
(a) Shout for Zeus from the market.
(b) Dance during a debate.
(c) Sing during a feast.
(d) Cry for Adonis on the roof.

5. Wrong tells Pheidippides not to listen to Right because he will grow up and be what?
(a) Smarter than everyone.
(b) Liked by too many people.
(c) A boring little baby.
(d) Unable to communicate.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Wrong dressed in Part 3 of The Clouds?

2. What has changed about Pheidippides's appearance since he entered The Thinkery?

3. In Lysistrata, what do the women carry with them to meet the Chorus of Old Men?

4. Who is the first woman to join Lysistrata?

5. The Athenian women of Lysistrata are impressed with Lampito's what?

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