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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Right dressed in Part 3 of The Clouds?
(a) An unhealthy young man who smirks.
(b) An old man in dated but luxurious clothing.
(c) An adolescent with a hen.
(d) A robust soldier from a distant land.

2. Lysistrata sees a man in the distance by the shrine of Chloe. What is vexing him?
(a) He is pushing a giant rock uphill.
(b) He is pulling a cart by himself.
(c) He is following a spool of thread that winds and unwinds.
(d) He is driven mad by Aphrodite's powers.

3. According to Lysistrata, as she speaks to Stratylis, what are the women doing that upsets her so much?
(a) Eating too much.
(b) Going on a hunger-strike.
(c) Deserting.
(d) Looting the temple.

4. What is the plan to get out the women occupying the Acropolis, according to the Men's Leader?
(a) Ask them to leave, or smoke them out.
(b) Ask them to leave, or set their homes on fire.
(c) Aske them to leave, or burn all their gowns and robes at home.
(d) Ask them to leave, or go on a sex strike.

5. Strepsiades goes back to The Thinkery to check and see if Pheidippides is ready. Who answers the door?
(a) Socrates.
(b) The Chours of Clouds
(c) Pheidippides.
(d) The Student.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the women do to the Magistrate, just before they make demands?

2. What pair enter from the school as Strepsiades instructs Socrates what to teach Pheidippides?

3. After the Magistrate runs off to "show his colleagues" what the women did to him, who comes out on stage?

4. What will The Chorus of Clouds do for the theatre judges for a favorable outcome?

5. How does one woman pretend to be pregnant in order to go home in Part 4 of Lysistrata?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does The Clouds end?

2. How do the Choruses react to the scene between Cinesias and Myrrhine?

3. Describe the oath the four women take in Lysistrata.

4. Describe Cinesias.

5. Who is Lampito? Describe how she is treated by the Athenian women.

6. Describe the first confrontation between the Choruses of Men and Women in Lysistrata.

7. After his education, what does Pheidippides consider acceptable in regard to his relationships with his parents?

8. What do The Chorus of Old Men's pots symbolize?

9. How does Lysistrata rally the women?

10. Outline Wrong's argument in the formal debate.

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