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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Athenian women of Lysistrata are impressed with Lampito's what?
(a) Hair.
(b) Physical form.
(c) Clothes.
(d) Shoes.

2. In Lysistrata, what do the women carry with them to meet the Chorus of Old Men?
(a) Bowls of flour.
(b) Pitchers of water.
(c) Cups of sugar.
(d) Jugs of wine.

3. After the Magistrate runs off to "show his colleagues" what the women did to him, who comes out on stage?
(a) Lysistrata.
(b) The Choruses.
(c) Myrrhine.
(d) Calonice.

4. Strepsiades goes back to The Thinkery to check and see if Pheidippides is ready. Who answers the door?
(a) Pheidippides.
(b) The Student.
(c) The Chours of Clouds
(d) Socrates.

5. After The Chorus of Old Men get to the Acropolis, they blow on their coals. What happens?
(a) The coals went out.
(b) The coals fell out of their pots on the way.
(c) The coals blow away.
(d) Smoke blows in their faces, twice.

6. What pair enter from the school as Strepsiades instructs Socrates what to teach Pheidippides?
(a) War and Peace.
(b) Love and Hate.
(c) Light and Dark.
(d) Right and Wrong.

7. What is notable about the Spartan garments?
(a) They button up the back.
(b) They are all red.
(c) They are all split on the side.
(d) They are all blue.

8. What will The Chorus of Clouds do for the theatre judges for a favorable outcome?
(a) Gold.
(b) Wine and beer.
(c) Rain and crops.
(d) Pottery.

9. What does Pheidippdes want to do with his father before Strepsiades brings out the rooster and hen?
(a) Buy his father a horse.
(b) Get him certified insane or contact the undertaker.
(c) Defend his father from the creditors.
(d) Go to school with him.

10. In the debate, Right advocates what activity over chattering at the market?
(a) Writing.
(b) Exercising.
(c) Thinking.
(d) Reading.

11. According to Calonice's first conversation with Lysistrata, which of the following are not part of what a woman can do?
(a) Speak for herself.
(b) Wear giant slippers.
(c) Sit at home.
(d) Look pretty.

12. In Lysistrata, what are the men going to do with the first woman to exit the temple?
(a) Burn her at the stake.
(b) Offer her as sacrifice for occupying the temple.
(c) Banish her.
(d) Tie her up.

13. What does The Chorus of The Clouds predict about Strepsiades after this encounter with the Second Creditor?
(a) Strepsiades will get out of all of his debt.
(b) Strepsiades will come into some money.
(c) Strepsiades will be very proud of his son.
(d) Strepsiades will be broken-hearted.

14. Why is Lysistrata angry in the beginning of the play?
(a) She can't get to sleep.
(b) None of the women have arrived at the meeting.
(c) Her saffron robe is ripped.
(d) Her husband is too attentive.

15. How does Socrates feel about teaching Pheidippides?
(a) Socrates thinks Pheidippides will be easy to teach.
(b) Socrates thinks Pheidippides will be difficult to teach.
(c) Socrates refuses to take Pheidippides as a student in the school.
(d) Socrates thinks Pheidippides will be exciting to teach.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who throws off a cloak at the end of the debate between Right and Wrong, running out into the audience wearing female clothing?

2. What do the women do to the Magistrate, just before they make demands?

3. Now that Strepsiades tells Pheidippdes all of the fascinating things learned in the school, how does Pheidippdes feel about learning?

4. The Chorus of Old Men primarily praise what, as they struggle to the Acropolis?

5. The women assembled are all ready to do anything to end the war except what?

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