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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Strepsiades eventually get rid of the Second Creditor?
(a) The Second Creditor gives up.
(b) Strepsiades assults the Second Creditor.
(c) Strepsiades talks himself out of the debt.
(d) Strepsiades pays his debt.

2. In The Clouds, what does the Second Creditor look like?
(a) A younger, bruised man.
(b) An older, but healthy man.
(c) A younger, strapping lad.
(d) Same age, fatter than the first.

3. What does Socrates tell Strepsiades about Pheidippides's progress?
(a) Pheidippides refused to learn anything.
(b) Pheidippides is ready to argue.
(c) Pheidippides may go, but he won't win all of the arguments.
(d) Pheidippides needs more time.

4. In The Clouds, what does the First Creditor look like?
(a) He is very handsome.
(b) He is very fat.
(c) He is very thin.
(d) He is very pale.

5. Lysistrata sees a man in the distance by the shrine of Chloe. What is vexing him?
(a) He is driven mad by Aphrodite's powers.
(b) He is pushing a giant rock uphill.
(c) He is following a spool of thread that winds and unwinds.
(d) He is pulling a cart by himself.

6. In Part 1, Calonice tells Lysistrata that Athenians can always be relied on to be what?
(a) Late.
(b) Athletic.
(c) Fast.
(d) Early.

7. The Athenian women of Lysistrata are impressed with Lampito's what?
(a) Clothes.
(b) Physical form.
(c) Hair.
(d) Shoes.

8. In Lysistrata, after the women douse the men with water, who enters?
(a) Lysistrata.
(b) Stratyllis.
(c) The First Old Woman.
(d) The Magistrate.

9. In The Clouds, what is the First Creditor collecting for?
(a) The stable fees.
(b) The ash-colored horse.
(c) The pony.
(d) The chariot.

10. How does one woman pretend to be pregnant in order to go home in Part 4 of Lysistrata?
(a) She uses wool, full of moths.
(b) She is actually pregnant.
(c) She uses a helmet.
(d) She uses treasures from the temple.

11. According to Lysistrata, as she speaks to Stratylis, what are the women doing that upsets her so much?
(a) Deserting.
(b) Eating too much.
(c) Going on a hunger-strike.
(d) Looting the temple.

12. What object does Lysistrata use as a metaphor to show how they will solve Greece's problems?
(a) A tangled skein of wool.
(b) A day-old loaf of bread.
(c) A skin of wine, not yet aged.
(d) A field of flowers in spring.

13. How is Wrong dressed in Part 3 of The Clouds?
(a) An unhealthy young man who smirks.
(b) An old man in dated but luxurious clothing.
(c) An adolescent with a rooster.
(d) A robust solder from Sparta.

14. Now that Strepsiades tells Pheidippdes all of the fascinating things learned in the school, how does Pheidippdes feel about learning?
(a) Pheidippdes gets excited about the school also.
(b) Pheidippdes rethinks his original feelings about the school.
(c) Pheidippdes still thinks the school is foolish.
(d) Pheidippdes is anxious he isn't smart enough to learn.

15. Who did Lysistrata expect to be at her meeting first?
(a) The Spartians.
(b) The Megarians.
(c) The Clouds.
(d) The Acharnians.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Right dressed in Part 3 of The Clouds?

2. After The Chorus of Old Men get to the Acropolis, they blow on their coals. What happens?

3. As they fighting goes on between the Choruses, who "accepts defeat for the time being"?

4. What is notable about the Spartan garments?

5. In the debate, Right advocates what activity over chattering at the market?

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