The Acharnians [and] the Clouds [and] Lysistrata Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Dikaiopolis in the beginning of The Acharnians.

Dikaiopolis is sitting outside the Pynx, waiting for the assembly to meet. As he gets bored Dikaiopolis beings to talk about some of the plays he saw. He also waxes nostalgic for his old village in contrast to the corrupt Athenian government. He's ready to argue for his plea for peace.

2. How do the visiting Ambassadors appear to Dikaiopolis?

The visiting Ambassadors are pretending to serve Athens in wars or as representatives in other cities and countries. The Ambassadors are drawing generous salaries for very little work. Indeed they are exempt from military duty and therefore profit from the perpetuation of the war. Therefore they appear to be the most corrupt and vile of human beings.

3. Describe "The Great King's Eye."

The "Great King's Eye" is Pseudartabas dressed in a mask with no nose or mouth, and partially veiled. In order to move about without too much fumbling, he is accompanied by two Athenian men disguised as eunuchs. Further, because his mask doesn't have a mouth hole, his speech is warped.

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