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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Clouds, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word best describes the way Socrates speaks to Strepsiades?
(a) Clear.
(b) Articulate.
(c) Confusing.
(d) Astute.

2. This isn't the first time Dikaiopolis got in trouble with the government. What was his past offense?
(a) Cleon accused him of swindeling people in the market.
(b) Cleon accused him of treason.
(c) Cleon accused him of slandering Athens in front of foreigners.
(d) Cleon accused him of plagirism.

3. Who carries Nicharchus as the Thebian entourage leaves?
(a) Ismenias.
(b) The Leader.
(c) The slaves.
(d) Thebian.

4. What does Dikaiopolis swap with the Thebian?
(a) The crier.
(b) The Megeran daughters.
(c) An informer.
(d) Some pottery.

5. How does Dikaiopolis agree to speak his side to the Chorus of Acharnians?
(a) Blindfolded.
(b) In a headlock.
(c) On a catapult, ready to launch.
(d) With his head over a block.

Short Answer Questions

1. What item do the Leader and Dikaiopolis pretend Nicharus is, as they pack him up?

2. Who eats Dikaiopolis's lunch?

3. What is wrong with Strepsiades's bed when he tries to go to sleep?

4. The Acharnians opens with a soliloquy by which character?

5. Which peace does Dikaiopolis choose?

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