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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Lysistrata, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What day does Strepsiades tell Pheidippides he owes the creditors money?
(a) Night and Day Day.
(b) Dark and Light Day.
(c) Past and Present Day.
(d) Old and New Day.

2. Who is the first woman to join Lysistrata?
(a) Cinesias.
(b) Calonice.
(c) Myrrhine.
(d) Lampito.

3. What is not a part of the costume Dikaiopolis assembles?
(a) Walking-stick.
(b) Floppy hat, rim falling off.
(c) Wicker basket, burnt by a lamp.
(d) Drinking cup, chipped at the rim.

4. In Part 3 of Lysistrata, which woman is the first to exit the temple and face the Magistrate?
(a) Lysistrata.
(b) Myrrhne.
(c) Lampito.
(d) Calcone.

5. How does Dikaiopolis overpower Nicarchus?
(a) He pokes Nicharus' eyes.
(b) He slaps Nicharus.
(c) He beats Nicharus with one of his straps.
(d) He trips Nicharus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the champion of Pitcher Day win?

2. In Part 2 of The Acharnians, who is the Chorus composed of?

3. What does The Chorus of The Clouds predict about Strepsiades after this encounter with the Second Creditor?

4. Wrong tells Pheidippides not to listen to Right because he will grow up and be what?

5. What is the plan to get out the women occupying the Acropolis, according to the Men's Leader?

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