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Classical Greek Theatre

A ritual to celebrate Dionysus, its format usually took two forms. Tragic plays would explore moral ambiguities, and comedic plays were rife with political satire.

The Theatre Competition

The event bringing together each of the playwrights to showcase their work.


This is the cultural hub of Greece and the city in which all the plays take place.


This Greek city-state is known for its military and physical refinement.

Double Entendre

This is a turn-of-phrase, or even just a single word, that holds two meanings.


This is a symbol representing the male genitalia, often used in Greek comedy.


All of the actors wore these, and they were often tailored to the character represented.


This is the liquid used for oath-swearing and the beverage of choice for Dionysus.

The Acharnians - The Three

This is the number of peace offerings and corresponding...

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