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Classical Greek Theatre - A ritual to celebrate Dionysus, its format usually took two forms. Tragic plays would explore moral ambiguities, and comedic plays were rife with political satire.

The Theatre Competition - The event bringing together each of the playwrights to showcase their work.

Athens - This is the cultural hub of Greece and the city in which all the plays take place.

Sparta - This Greek city-state is known for its military and physical refinement.

Double Entendre - This is a turn-of-phrase, or even just a single word, that holds two meanings.

Phalluses - This is a symbol representing the male genitalia, often used in Greek comedy.

Masks - All of the actors wore these, and they were often tailored to the character represented.

Wine - This is the liquid used for oath-swearing and the beverage of choice for Dionysus.

The Acharnians - The Three...

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