The Acharnians [and] the Clouds [and] Lysistrata Fun Activities

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The Theatre in Ancient Greece

Without consulting any source, sketch out what you believe the set up of an Ancient Greek theatre looks like. When you are finished, research what they actually looked like and compare the two.

Monologue for Peace

Pretend you are going to address the Athenian assembly speaking for the end of corruption and the start of a new peace. Write your speech and present it to the class.

Protest the War

Imagine you are an Athenian in Ancient Greece but attending a peaceful protest of the war (much like we do today with picketing, signs, and chants) with Sparta. Design your protest sign (ex. "Make love, not war").

Types of Peace Treaties

Pretend you are offering peace to Dikaiopolis using something other than wine. What would you offer? For example: A Hershey's Kiss, a Dove square, and a bar of Godiva.

It's Your World, How do You Punish Treason

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