The Acharnians [and] the Clouds [and] Lysistrata Character Descriptions

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The Chorus in Greek Theatre - This is a collective group poetically speaking as a single character, oftentimes offering their commentary on the ongoing action of the play.

Cleon - This character, based on a historical figure, is a highly influential Athenian politician who was displeased with his characterizations.

The Acharnians - Dikaiopolis - This character is the protagonist who lobbies for peace and shares concerns over corrupt, selfish politicians, only to attempt keeping peace all for himself.

Amphitheus - This character is a minor god who manages swift travel and savvy peace-negotiations.

The Chorus of Acharnians - This chorus is identified, almost exclusively in Greek drama, as undergoing a growth or character transformation.

Euripides - This character is a comedic representation of a well-known tragic playwright in Ancient Greece.

The Theban - This character is a merchant from another city who would sell just about anything...

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