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The Acharnians, Part 1

• The Acharnians, Part 1.

• Dikaiopolis waits outside the assembly in Athens to discuss peace.
• Two ambassadors come. Both draw on generous allowances from the government, much to Dikaiopolis's disapproval.
• Dikaiopolis, tired of the corruption, contracts Amphitheus to make peace for his family with Sparta. Amphitheus returns but followed by the angry Chorus of Acharnians.

The Acharnians, Part 2

• The Acharnians, Part 2.

• The Chorus of Acharnians finds Dikaiopolis making his peace sacrifice and want to stone him for treason.
• Dikaiopolis pleads his case in a costume borrowed from Euripides to gain sympathy.
• Dikaiopolis explains that the war is as much the Megarians fault as Sparta, which splits the Chorus of Acharnians in two.

The Acharnians, Part 3

• The Acharnians, Part 3.

• With his newly acquired peace, Dikaiopolis sets up a market so he may trade with others.
• Dikaiopolis buys two girls from a Megarian in exchange for some salt and...

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