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Ben Mezrich
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The lecturer that Mark listened to also talked about how he _________ in order to start his own company.
(a) Stole an idea.
(b) Hurt others.
(c) Left school.
(d) Skipped class.

2. Where did the Facebook team rent a new house in California after being kicked out of their other house?
(a) Palo Alto.
(b) San Jose.
(c) San Francisco.
(d) Los Altos.

3. Even though Mark's site had only recently been launched, Sean saw that it already had almost __________ members, when he found it.
(a) 10,000.
(b) 5000.
(c) 100,000.
(d) 50,000.

4. _________ was to be paid according to the success of his efforts to secure investments in New York.
(a) Mark.
(b) Eduardo.
(c) Sean.
(d) Dustin.

5. Who agreed with Sean about the way that they handled one of the investors?
(a) Eduardo.
(b) Peter.
(c) Chris.
(d) Dustin.

6. The company was registered as a LLC in ___________, because that's where Eduardo registered it.
(a) California.
(b) Florida.
(c) Massachusetts.
(d) Washington.

7. What was the name of the online business card system that Sean and some friends created next?
(a) Cardo.
(b) Plaxo.
(c) Plicky.
(d) Cardster.

8. The ___________ company had been courting Mark for several weeks to invest in Facebook.
(a) Bing.
(b) Washington Post.
(c) IT.
(d) Yahoo.

9. The _________ money coming into thefacebook at this time was not enough to keep up with the growth at the company.
(a) Advertiser.
(b) Sean Parker.
(c) Personal.
(d) Eduardo.

10. Mark decided to get a business card that represented his sentiment - I'm CEO - __________.
(a) Yea.
(b) Sucka.
(c) Holla.
(d) Bitch.

11. What is NOT one of the things a business needs for real growth?
(a) More money.
(b) A real office.
(c) Business cards.
(d) More employees.

12. Who was giving the lecture that Mark and Eduardo were attending at the start of this chapter?
(a) Bill Gates.
(b) Steve Jobs.
(c) Bill Wozniak.
(d) Tyler Winklevoss.

13. The Facebook team was thinking about adding a feature: a live _________, which would help members see what was happening.
(a) Status button.
(b) News feed.
(c) Photo stream.
(d) Video.

14. Who met with investors in order to secure an angel investment with the company, even though Eduardo was not pleased?
(a) Dustin.
(b) Mark.
(c) Sean.
(d) Eduardo.

15. Where were Mark and the other members of thefacebook planning on spending their summer?
(a) Silicon Valley.
(b) Boston.
(c) New York.
(d) Chicago.

Short Answer Questions

1. Facebook had the potential to be as big as _______ and Microsoft, according to this section of the book.

2. Mark decided that ________ had to go because the arrest was going to hurt Facebook.

3. Eduardo wanted to talk about how they could get __________ in order to start generating money from the site.

4. Cameron sent Mark a _________ letter that demanded that he pull down his website.

5. The lecturer said that __________ was the future of the computing world, which made Mark perk up.

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