The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Ben Mezrich
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 34 and Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Even though Mark's site had only recently been launched, Sean saw that it already had almost __________ members, when he found it.
(a) 5000.
(b) 50,000.
(c) 100,000.
(d) 10,000.

2. Who was angry after being rejected by a girl at a party and after having too much to drink?
(a) Eduardo.
(b) Mark.
(c) Tyler.
(d) Divya.

3. Where was the female student located who took pictures of the crew competition?
(a) Japan.
(b) Amherst.
(c) Chicago.
(d) Hawaii.

4. Mark told a reporter that his social networking site was just a __________ that he worked on in his spare time.
(a) Fun game.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Side project.
(d) Boring project.

5. What was the name of the programmer who was out of the project the twins and Divya were working on?
(a) Mark.
(b) James.
(c) Victor.
(d) Eduardo.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many students were signed up for Mark's site at the start of this chapter?

2. Where did the Facebook team rent a new house in California after being kicked out of their other house?

3. How late had Eduardo been staying up in order to get a new start up-going?

4. Mark is estimated to be the world's youngest __________, even though his net worth isn't clear.

5. Who did Mark talk to when he wanted to know who Divya and Tyler were, after receiving the email?

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