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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24: "Valentine Heart".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Junior says in Chapter 23: "Wake" that "When it comes to death, [Indians] know that" what "are pretty much the same thing"?
(a) Laughter and tears.
(b) Loss and Living.
(c) Tears and burial.
(d) Brutality and ignorance.

2. What is the condition that Junior says he was born with in Chapter 1: "The Black Eye of the Month Club"?
(a) A club foot.
(b) A heart defect.
(c) Deafness.
(d) Water on the brain.

3. What is Junior's grandmother's reply when he asks her "What does it mean?" regarding the boy at school who did not punch him back in Chapter 9: "Grandmother Gives Me Some Advice"?
(a) I think it means he respects you.
(b) I think he's going to kill you in your sleep.
(c) I think it means he will die.
(d) I think it's because he is a coward.

4. Who is Junior's geology teacher at Reardan?
(a) Mrs. Smith.
(b) Mr. P.
(c) Mr. Grant.
(d) Mr. Dodge.

5. How does Mary describe her new house in Chapter 19: "My Sister Sends Me a Letter"?
(a) The most gorgeous place in the world.
(b) A pitiful dump but better than nothing.
(c) A tenement on the outskirts of town.
(d) The most depressing place in the world.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money does Junior's father give him for lunch money when he drops him off at school in Chapter 7: "Rowdy Sings the Blues"?

2. How old is Junior when the novel begins?

3. Gordy says in Chapter 18: "Don't Trust Your Computer," "Well, life is a constant struggle between" what?

4. What disorder does Junior discover that Penelope suffers from in Chapter 15: "Hunger Pains"?

5. Who is Junior's history teacher at Reardan?

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