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Short Answer Questions

1. The federal government had some success in freezing ________ assets that reached the U.S. banking system.

2. Where were the World Trade Center parking garage bombing and subsequent "landmarks" plot developed?

3. Bin Laden used passages from the ______ to justify his actions.

4. Who was said to have visibly winced when he was informed of the desire of the U.S. to capture Bin Laden alive?

5. On 9/11 the number of NORAD alert sites had ____ fighter aircraft on alert.

Short Essay Questions

1. Where was President Bush when the first aircraft crashed on 9/11/2001? Why was President Bush at this location?

2. Before 9/11, how was the performance of the FBI measured?

3. Why did President Clinton visit Pakistan on March 25, 2000? What did President Clinton want from the Pakistani President?

4. What were the two classifications of the 9/11 hijackers?

5. How did the State Department plan to end the Afghan Civil War?

6. Why was Bin Laden convinced that America was a "paper tiger" similar to the Soviet Union?

7. What was the original 9/11 plot made by KSM?

8. What was Bin Laden's appeal to the Islamic world based on?

9. What was the confusion around American Airlines Flight 77?

10. Who is Lieutenant General William Boykin and what did he tell the Commission in regards to why opportunities were missed to kill Bin Laden?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe in detail the arrest of Ahmed Ressam in the late 1999. What information was learned through his arrest? Was this information valuable to understanding the 9/11 attacks?

Essay Topic 2

Describe in great detail the major flaws in the emergency response system. How were the first responders ill-prepared for the 9/11 attacks? What changes can be made to help prepare the first responders organize and create a safe rescue for future events?

Essay Topic 3

Detail the indecisiveness and bureaucratic inertia of both the Clinton and Bush Administration. Are both administrations equally responsible for the 9/11 attacks? Why or why not?

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