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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6 "From Threat to Threat".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did American Airlines Flight 11 crash?
(a) Into the North Tower.
(b) The Pentagon.
(c) Into the South Tower.
(d) In a field in Pennsylvania.

2. What federal government was perhaps the least well-equipped branch of government to deal with terrorism?
(a) U.S. military.
(b) Mayor.
(c) Congress.
(d) Judicial branch.

3. Who ordered the National Security Council to coordinate a response against the terrorist who bombed the World Trade Center's parking garage?
(a) President Bill Clinton.
(b) President George W. Bush.
(c) President George H. W. Bush.
(d) President Ronald Reagan.

4. Who killed Ahmed Shah Massoud?
(a) Al-Qaeda operatives.
(b) U.S. Marines.
(c) The Taliban.
(d) Saddam Hussein.

5. In the late __________ NORAD carried out exercises for a scenario in which terrorists would hijack and use commercial airliners as weapons.
(a) 1980s.
(b) 1970s.
(c) 1990s.
(d) 2000s.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1996, who was concerned enough about Bin Laden to set up a unit of about a dozen officers that would monitor him and plan operations against him?

2. When did Bin Laden first warn of potential attacks against the U.S.?

3. Who was to blame for the August 7, 1998 East Africa embassy bombings?

4. Bin Laden used passages from the ______ to justify his actions.

5. Who was the prominent preacher who stressed the importance of waging violent jihad and even personally pressed some members of the Hamburg groups to fulfill their duty to jihad by fighting in Afghanistan?

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