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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6 "From Threat to Threat".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From the end of WWII until the late 1960s, the FBI operated, in part, as a kind of ________ ________ service.
(a) International intelligence.
(b) International dispute.
(c) Domestic intelligence.
(d) Domestic dispute.

2. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York froze $215 million worth of Afghan ________.
(a) Platinum.
(b) Silver.
(c) Bronze.
(d) Gold.

3. Which two principal government agencies were involved in the defense of the U.S. airspace on 9/11/2001?
(a) CTC & NCTC.
(b) FAA & CBI.
(d) FAA & NORAD.

4. On 9/11 the number of NORAD alert sites had ____ fighter aircraft on alert.
(a) 2.
(b) 100.
(c) 7.
(d) 1.

5. When was President Bush informed of the 9/11 attacks?
(a) After United Airlines Flight 93 crashed.
(b) After American Airlines Flight 11 crashed.
(c) Before American Airlines Flight 11 crashed.
(d) After American Airlines Flight 77 crashed.

Short Answer Questions

1. By July 1999, the U.S. succeeded in labeling Afghanistan a state sponsor of __________.

2. Where were the World Trade Center parking garage bombing and subsequent "landmarks" plot developed?

3. What does NEADS stand for?

4. The entire attacks of 9/11/2001 took a little more than __________.

5. Who offered to attack Bin Laden's Derunta training camp in December 1999?

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