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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3 "Counterterrorism Evolves".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was nicknamed "Blind Sheikh"?
(a) Khalid al Mihdhar.
(b) Hani Hanjour.
(c) Bin Laden.
(d) Omar Abdel Rahman.

2. Approximately ________ of all spending on intelligence is within the Defense Department.
(a) 80%.
(b) 25%.
(c) 75%.
(d) 50%.

3. What is CAPPS?
(a) No fly list.
(b) Passenger pre-screening system.
(c) A law enforcement agency of the FBI.
(d) A law passed to collect intelligence from foreign countries.

4. As of 1993, the public and Congress seemed convinced that treating terrorism that occurred on U.S. soil was a ________ ________ problem.
(a) Law Enforcement.
(b) U.S. Army.
(c) U.S. Marines.
(d) U.S. Navy.

5. What "base" or "foundation" did Bin Laden establish to preserve his military structure for future jihads?
(a) Al-Qaeda.
(b) Soviet Union.
(c) Jihadist.
(d) Mongols.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bin Laden stated that America can remedy the situation by all of the following ways except:

2. Who was the NSA supposed to notify of any suspicious domestic terrorist activities?

3. On 9/11 the number of NORAD alert sites had ____ fighter aircraft on alert.

4. How many total terrorists hijacked the planes on 9/11?

5. After WWII, what was the chief agency involved in setting foreign policy and advising the President on foreign policy?

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