The 5th Wave Character Descriptions

Rick Yancey
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Cassie Sullivan

This character is the protagonist of The 5th Wave. She is a 16-year-old girl who is trying to save her five-year-old brother after the alien apocalypse.

Sammy Sullivan

Nicknamed “Nugget,” this character is the five-year-old brother of the novel’s protagonist. He has been abducted by the aliens and enrolled in training for their children’s military.

Mr. Sullivan

This character is the protagonist’s father. He is killed by Colonel Vosch in the 4th Wave.

Mrs. Sullivan

This character, the protagonist’s mother, dies of pestilence during the 3rd Wave.

Ben Parish

This character is a former high school athlete and spends much of the novel guilt-ridden for being unable to save his younger sister. He is brainwashed and trained to fight in the children’s army.

Evan Walker

This 19-year-old from Ohio becomes a Silencer after the Awakening. He falls in love with the...

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