The 5th Wave Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rick Yancey
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Part I: “The Last Historian,” Chapters 1-12

• The 5th Wave is a young adult supernatural thriller by American author Rick Yancey.

• Cassie Sullivan is a 16-year-old survivor of the alien apocalypse, living alone in a tent in Ohio when the novel opens.

• Cassie relates through exposition the history of this alien race, which has the power to look and sound human.

• Cassie’s father, Mr. Sullivan, died because he trusted some of “the Others.”

• Cassie relates that humanity is in the 4th Wave of the alien invasion.

• Rule Number One, according to Cassie, is: Trust no one. Rule Number Two is: The only way to stay alive is to stay alone.

• In Part I: “The Last Historian,” Cassie encounters a young soldier at an abandoned gas station; the soldier drops his gun, and when he pulls his hand away from his wound, Cassie sees something metallic.

• Cassie shoots...

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