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Short Answer Questions

1. After finishing eighth grade, where does Charley go to work with his brother for the summer?

2. Where did Mr. McGill promise to give Ward a job?

3. Where does Janey go to her sister's wedding?

4. When Mac hears that rebels will be arriving in the city, whose government is expected to flee?

5. In September, with whom does Janey move into a house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Charley do for work in Minneapolis when he moves there?

2. Why does Janey quit her job and look for new work?

3. What effect does Annabelle's decision to terminate her pregnancy have on Ward?

4. What is Eleanor's relationship with her father?

5. What happens when Ward accepts the job from McGill?

6. What new relationships does Mac form in Mexico City?

7. When Eveline and Eleanor's business fails, what job opportunity do they take?

8. How does Eleanor's employment situation change when Eveline returns from Europe?

9. How does Mac act in a similar fashion in Mexico City as he did in California?

10. What happens that makes Janey feel that she has made the "big time" at work?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

John Dos Passos offers a compelling narrative told in an unorthodox and experimental fashion using "Newsreels" with blaring headlines, autobiographical "Camera Eye" sections with poetic stream-of-consciousness, and "biographies" evoking emblematic historical figures like J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, John Reed, Frank Lloyd Wright, Thorstein Veblen, and the Unknown Soldier. Do you find this style interesting to read? Are you able to follow the story line easily, or are these changes erratic and confusing for you as a reader? Does John dos Passos offer powerful storytelling that holds your attention? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Every main character in the 42nd Parallel (Janey, Mac, Ward, Eleanor, and Charley) wants to find a purpose in life and seeks meaning through self-expression. Which characters find purpose and direction to their lives and in what ways? Which characters do not achieve this? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

When Mac travels to Mexico, he does not go for physical reasons. Instead, he goes to stimulate his mind and to free his spirit. What is the significance of taking a spiritual journey versus just a physical one? How does this affect Mac in particular?

Part 1) What is the difference in the journeys of Mac versus that of Janey?

Part 2) Describe Mac's final experience and how it varies greatly from his first trip. What new friends has he made? What fears has he conquered? What relationships has he formed, and what relationships has he severed? Why?

Part 3) Of the five main characters, who gains the most knowledge and understanding from traveling? Why?

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