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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Camera Eye section of the News Reel, what is Mr. Garfied reading from while traveling on a frigate to foreign lands?
(a) Underwater Adventures.
(b) Man At Sea.
(c) Man Without a Country.
(d) Moby Dick.

2. Where does Janey's father go for treatment for cancer?
(a) Mayo Clinic.
(b) John Hopkins.
(c) Maryland University.
(d) Georgetown Hospital.

3. When Mac is a child, what is he afraid of?
(a) Disease.
(b) Poverty.
(c) Bullies.
(d) Bats.

4. In News Reel II, what is the event discussed concerning George Smith and his brother?
(a) How they were hanged by a Kansas mob.
(b) How they robbed a bank in Cincinnati.
(c) How they turned to evil to avenge the death of their mother.
(d) How they built a time machine.

5. Why did Johnny have to give up on his college in his second year?
(a) His father was injured and unemployed.
(b) He was drafted into the war.
(c) He got sick and was hospitalized.
(d) He was failing school.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to a News Reel, what did Luther Burbank develop?

2. What is the opening newsreel clip about?

3. What does Johnny do in his new job?

4. Where does Mac meet Fred Hoff?

5. Whom does Johnny meet on the train that is from a wealthy family?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Annabelle Marie Strang, and why is she important to Johnny?

2. What kind of personality does Janey have?

3. What does Ike do that leaves Mac stranded?

4. When Fainy accepts a job with Doc Bingham, what does he learn about his new place of employment right away?

5. After meeting Ben Evans, what does Mac decide?

6. What is the only question that Fainy asks about his job?

7. What does Johnny do for work, and why does he move to Ocean City?

8. What could Maisie have done to keep Mac in Los Angeles with her?

9. How does Mac learn independence?

10. Who is Alice, and what effect does she have on Janey?

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