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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Smith tell Eleanor?
(a) She must leave immediately.
(b) She received a diamond brooch in the will.
(c) She can occupy her friend's house.
(d) She will be punished for being a parasite.

2. Eleanor gets the project of decorating the house of _________.
(a) Annabelle Strang.
(b) J. Ward Moorehouse.
(c) Gertrude Stein.
(d) Samuel Clemens.

3. Who buys book stock from Mac?
(a) A Swiss.
(b) A Mexican.
(c) An Egyptian.
(d) A Syrian.

4. In what industry in Pittsburgh is Mr. McGill involved?
(a) Coal.
(b) Oil.
(c) Diamond.
(d) Steel.

5. Who is the nephew of one of the directors at Ward's new job with whom he socializes?
(a) Oliver Taylor.
(b) Samuel Clemens.
(c) Mark Williams.
(d) Oliver Platt.

6. When Eleanor's French teacher dies, who replaces her?
(a) Maurice Millet.
(b) Annabelle Strang.
(c) J. Ward Moorehouse.
(d) Eveline Hutchins.

7. Where did Charley work as a machinist's assistant?
(a) Minneapolis.
(b) St. Paul.
(c) San Diego.
(d) Detroit.

8. When Eleanor changes residences, who is her wealthy new friend?
(a) Mrs. Fields.
(b) Lara Schultz.
(c) Miss Eliza Perkins.
(d) Penny Cluse.

9. In the Camera Eye section in pages 193-214, where does Dos Passos talk about life?
(a) In Mexico.
(b) In Washington.
(c) In Florida.
(d) In Virginia.

10. Who quarrels with Ward in his office, threatening divorce?
(a) Lucy.
(b) Annabelle.
(c) Greta.
(d) Gertrude.

11. Who is suffering from financial problems because of a collapse in the real estate industry?
(a) Annabelle's father.
(b) Mr. Oppenheimer.
(c) Ward's family.
(d) Mr. McGill.

12. Who does Ward start to date in Pittsburgh?
(a) Gertrude Staple.
(b) Margaret Wood.
(c) Meg Whitman.
(d) Barbara Taylor.

13. While Eleanor remains in New York, where does Eveline go?
(a) London.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Weehawken.
(d) Paris.

14. Who is the wealthy socialite that Eleanor starts to hang out with frequently?
(a) Tom Custis.
(b) Leaf Whitaker.
(c) Eric Ericstrom.
(d) Mr. Oppenheimer.

15. Who helps Johnny get a job at the New York Herald?
(a) Mr. Sinclair.
(b) Mr. Oppenheimer.
(c) Mr. Strang.
(d) Mr. Hill.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Charley Anderson from?

2. Who comes to work for Ward in New York?

3. What is the name of the man who occupies the upper berth of the train compartment that Janey is traveling in?

4. Who is the man at the Hotel Continental that offers Janey a new job?

5. Where does a strike occur that results in violence, press coverage, and investigations?

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