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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Mac find work finally in Los Angeles?
(a) At the Times.
(b) At the theater.
(c) At Metro Goldwyn.
(d) At McGraw Hill.

2. How many boxes does the tailor give Fainy?
(a) Two.
(b) Four.
(c) Eight.
(d) One.

3. What does Fainy discover when he is waiting for Mannie Bingham?
(a) He is behind on the office rent.
(b) He is wealthy.
(c) He is very cruel.
(d) He is an alcoholic.

4. Ike and Fainy meet ______________on the boat to Seattle.
(a) Harrison and Pew.
(b) Lucy and Mary.
(c) Gladys and Olive.
(d) De Passo and Steve.

5. When Mac's Uncle Tim dies, what does Mac do that angers his wife?
(a) Leaves her permanently.
(b) Takes money out of the kids' accounts.
(c) Quits his job and become depressed.
(d) Skips the funeral and goes to a party.

6. What does Mac do when he arrives in San Francisco?
(a) Gets baptized.
(b) Marries Maisie.
(c) Gets drunk.
(d) Shaves his head.

7. When Mac stays at a Y.M.C.A., where does he lock his money?
(a) In a suitcase.
(b) Underground.
(c) In a vault.
(d) In the glove compartment.

8. Whom does Mac meet in the park in Los Angeles that is an old friend of his?
(a) McCreary.
(b) Ben Evans.
(c) Upton Sinclair.
(d) Lucy Hammond.

9. What does Maisie tell Mac in her letter to him?
(a) She is angry.
(b) She is sick and dying.
(c) She is lonely and misses him.
(d) She is pregnant and wants to get married.

10. In what section of Washington, D.C. did Janey grow up?
(a) Bethany.
(b) Georgetown.
(c) Capital Hill.
(d) District Lawyers.

11. Annabelle and Johnny begin to take _________________together.
(a) College classes.
(b) Cooking lessons.
(c) Long evening walks.
(d) Dance lessons.

12. At whose print shop in San Francisco does Mac get a job?
(a) Bonello's.
(b) Lucy's.
(c) Harrison's.
(d) Bernardo's.

13. Where does Mac meet Fred Hoff?
(a) A speech by Harrison.
(b) A performance by Frank Sinatra.
(c) A lecture by Upton Sinclair.
(d) A film by Rodriguez.

14. After going to the theater one night, whom does Mac meet?
(a) Hill.
(b) McCreary.
(c) Harrison.
(d) Maisie.

15. What does Fainy discover about his new employer right away when he enters the tailor shop?
(a) He is a great tailor.
(b) He is in debt.
(c) He spends a lot.
(d) He is a bad tailor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Johnny meet on the train that is from a wealthy family?

2. What does Johnny's new job offer him as pay?

3. Where is the demonstration against the Czar mentioned in News Reel II held?

4. Janey and her friend get jobs as typists at ____________.

5. What is the name of Mac and Maisie's first child?

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