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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through pgs. 304 - 323.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Janey plans on moving after high school with her friend ______________.
(a) Mark Sketter.
(b) Margaret Smith.
(c) Alice Dick.
(d) Laurie Hall.

2. Who interviews Fainy?
(a) Mary Wiggins.
(b) Doc Bingham.
(c) Mohawk.
(d) Manny Kovach.

3. What does Johnny do in his new job?
(a) Purchases property for the firm.
(b) Writes advertising for real estate.
(c) Sells advertising for real estate.
(d) Negotiates with lawyers.

4. When Mac's Uncle Tim dies, what does Mac do that angers his wife?
(a) Takes money out of the kids' accounts.
(b) Skips the funeral and goes to a party.
(c) Leaves her permanently.
(d) Quits his job and become depressed.

5. What does Johnny want to study so he can get a job overseas?
(a) Portuguese.
(b) German.
(c) French.
(d) Norwegian.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Ike finds out that he has a venereal disease, what does a bum tell him to take for a cure?

2. What is the name of the river mentioned in the Camera Eye section of pgs. 215-236?

3. When Ike goes to the house where his mother lived, what do they see there?

4. What is the safest place to play for Mac when he is a child?

5. Where does Concha plan on fleeing with the arrival of the rebels in the city?

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