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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through pgs. 304 - 323.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At whose house does Fainy stay when he sees Bingham being chased with a shotgun?
(a) Mrs. Kovach.
(b) Mr. Rush.
(c) Mr. Crealy.
(d) Mrs. Saginaw.

2. Where did Mr. McGill promise to give Ward a job?
(a) The Pittsburgh Steel Plant.
(b) The Automobile Workers Association.
(c) The Chamber of Commerce Information Bureau.
(d) The Pittsburgh Coal Miners Union.

3. Where does Fainy take the boxes?
(a) Mohawk House.
(b) Tate Museum.
(c) Dublin.
(d) Underhill.

4. Who takes Janey to dinner and proposes marriage to her?
(a) Eliza John.
(b) Mr. McGill.
(c) Fainy McCreary.
(d) G.H. Barrow.

5. Whom does Mac meet and become attracted to in San Francisco?
(a) Lucy.
(b) Maisie.
(c) Victoria.
(d) Columbine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sends Janey postcards when she is twenty-one?

2. Charley goes with ______________to New Orleans?

3. In the news clip about Harrison's speech, what does the toast celebrate?

4. What does Johnny's new job offer him as pay?

5. Who does Mac meet in Mexico that talks to him about the revolution there?

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