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pgs. 1-21

• The 42nd parallel is about the lives of ordinary Americans living in and trapped by the time period in which they live.

• Miles is the Commanding General. In the opening Newsreel, he falls off his horse and gets back on it.

• The opening Newsreel is about the closing of Capital City's Century.

• There is also a clip about ex-President Harrison's speech and a toast celebrating the dominance of America and American thought.

• In the Camera Eye segment, Dos Passos walks along a cobblestone path.

• The Newsreel sets the stage for what was happening in the world at the time Mac was a child.
• Mac was born in Middleton, Connecticut, along with his sister Milly.

• It was a tough neighborhood. Being Irish, Mac had a problem with the local bullies.

• After the mother's death, the family moves to Chicago.

• They watch the familiar buildings and people for...

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