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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did some scientists claim that life began?

2. After the flood begins, how do many of the gods feel?

3. While Adapa was developing and before he was born, where did he live?

4. What was rebuilt after the original Sumerian settlements were destroyed?

5. What number do we now believe Earth to be (counting from the sun)?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did procreation change man-kind?

2. How did Enlil create man.

3. As the gods land on Earth and take a look at what has been done, what did they find?

4. In the Sumerian story of the Great Flood, how did Enki come to the aide of the humankind?

5. How did Sitchin justify his assertions that the gods wanted to use Earth for mines?

6. What was Enlil's human son named?

7. Why is Enlil furious that Utnapishtim and his family survived the Great Flood?

8. When the Nefilim landed on Earth, what age was Earth in?

9. What was Mount Ararat?

10. How did the Nefilim group the planets?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does SItchin's tone change throughout the 12TH PLANET?

Give three different tones he used in the book.

Next, give examples of the stylistic tone.

Essay Topic 2

1. List and describe the five Ages of Man.

2. Next answer, how are these are these ages similar to the discoveries of the Nefilim?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the book Sitchin describe many gods and goddesses live up to ancient societal gender roles.

Using a god or goddess from the book, give an example of how he or she personifies the stereotype.

Are you using stereotypes that were prevalent in Mesopotamian culture or our society?

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