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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sitchin claim about his creation story?

2. What was rebuilt after the original Sumerian settlements were destroyed?

3. Sitchin believes that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was really _________.

4. Besides plants and animals, what other important things were in the Garden of Eden?

5. What number (counting from outside the solar system) did the Nefilim consider Saturn to be?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the Nefilim landed on Earth, what was their first intention to do with the new planet?

2. In the Sumerian story of the Great Flood, how did Enki come to the aide of the humankind?

3. What was Enlil's human son named?

4. Why did the Nefilim decide to go back to Earth?

5. As the gods land on Earth and take a look at what has been done, what did they find?

6. Why is Enlil furious that Utnapishtim and his family survived the Great Flood?

7. How are Anu, Enki, and Enlil all related to one another?

8. Does Sitchin agree with the validity of animal evolution over the centuries?

9. How did the Nefilim group the planets?

10. How did Enlil create man.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sitchin has written many books that have mostly been labeled as pseudoscience by the modern scientific community.

Consider the following questions:

- Why do other scholars consider Sitchin's writing to be pseudoscience?

- Do you consider his arguments to be fake science?

- How could Sitchin better defend his work against other scholars?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the book Sitchin describe many gods and goddesses live up to ancient societal gender roles.

Using a god or goddess from the book, give an example of how he or she personifies the stereotype.

Are you using stereotypes that were prevalent in Mesopotamian culture or our society?

Essay Topic 3

1. Why was it important for ancient communities to create gods and goddesses?

2. How did gods, goddesses and rituals help people to understand their lives and the mysterious world surrounding them?

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