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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 6, what did Sitchin reveal that only the Nefilim needed to know?

2. To Sitchin, the chemical makeup and beginnings of life on Earth imply ____________.

3. How many base numbers were in the Sumerian number system?

4. Surprisingly, what were Greek gods subjected to?

5. To Sitchin, what were decorative rosettes on Sumerian temples?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where else does Sitchin say he sees evidence of his version of the creation story?

2. Who is Anu?

3. How did Sitchin trace the Persians to Babylon and Assyria?

4. Describe the Greek god Zeus and how he came to power.

5. What did Ralph Solecki's 1957 discovery

6. Why did Sitchin think that there were 12 planets in the solar system?

7. Name some of the inventions that Sitchin believed the Sumerians were responsible for.

8. How did humans attempt to go to the heavens and see the gods.

9. What does Sitchin believe existed before the language Akkadian?

10. Why did Sitchin think it was possible for astrologists to be wrong in their assertion that there are only eight planets in the solar system?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Mayans were another ancient culture that left behind relics of their society. Many people visit Mayan ruins and study Mayan art, architecture, and relics.

1. DId the Mayans have any knowledge of the Nefilim? Why or Why not?

2. How do you think Sitchin would have answered this question.

Essay Topic 2

Is it depressing that Sitchin did not think that the Sumerians were capable of the advancement on their own?

How is this similar to Western Imperialism that many Western cultures imposed on other cultures?

Is Sitchin sure that the Sumerians could not have been advanced because they were supposedly "primitive" people?

Essay Topic 3

Sitchin analyzes a picture of humans surrounding Enki. The humans, Sitchin assumed, were all exactly the same. Sitchin further asserts that Enki wanted man to be different and individual. How does this story of procreation explain the differences in human beings?

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