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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the engineer responsible for man's creation?

2. Where did An or Anu live?

3. How did Zeus gain his power?

4. Why was Anu's son cast from heaven?

5. To Sitchin, what is the asteroid belt?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Sitchin equate the planet Marduk with images of a winged globe in ancient artwork?

2. Describe the Greek god Zeus and how he came to power.

3. How are Anu, Enki, and Enlil all related to one another?

4. Who is Anu?

5. Why did the gods need man to survive on his own?

6. How did Sitchin describe the approaching planet Marduk?

7. Where did Sitchin believe the Greek gods came from?

8. What was Mount Ararat?

9. What was Enlil's human son named?

10. What is interesting about the Hittite gods and culture?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

1. Answer this question using your own view points:

How could the Nefilim, who Sitchin consider extremely advanced species, be so alike human beings in looks, emotions, and actions?

2. Now, answer the same question as if you were Zecharia Sitchin.

3. Next, examine the differences in the answers. Is your Sitchin's made up answer less rooted in reality?

Essay Topic 2

How does SItchin's tone change throughout the 12TH PLANET?

Give three different tones he used in the book.

Next, give examples of the stylistic tone.

Essay Topic 3

Is Sitchin's writing style or tone one of arrogance and smug certainty?

How does a man with little or no scientific education and limited experience translating languages argue with other scholarly experts?

What does this say about Sitchin's personality.

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