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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Sitchin's opinion, why didn't "life" need a sun?
(a) A planet could generate its own heat to keep it functioning.
(b) The sun burns up new life.
(c) The sun is overrated.
(d) Heat is generated by the moon, not the sun.

2. How long did the Nefilim occupation last?
(a) 450,000 years ago until 5,000 years ago.
(b) 13,000 years ago until 5,000 years ago.
(c) It never ended, the Nefilim are still here.
(d) 450,000 years ago until 13,000 years ago.

3. Noah saves himself in an ark. What does Atra- Harris sail in?
(a) A rocketship.
(b) A submarine.
(c) A boat.
(d) A motorboat.

4. Who tempted Eve into eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge?
(a) A snake.
(b) An alligator.
(c) A lizard.
(d) A serpent.

5. What does the divine boat ritual represent?
(a) Celebrates Noah's travel in the ark.
(b) Testing the waters of life.
(c) Traveling across the universe.
(d) The Nefilim's journey from Shar to Earth.

6. How long were the great Sumerian rulers?
(a) 700,000 years
(b) 500,000 years.
(c) 1,000,000 years.
(d) 432,000 years.

7. What did the Babylonian New Year celebrations copy?
(a) Hebrew scriptures.
(b) Christian ideals.
(c) Sumerian rituals.
(d) Babylonian folklore.

8. Where did Sitchin think that Homo sapiens were created?
(a) Rome.
(b) Americas.
(c) In Africa.
(d) Australia.

9. What planets did the Nefilim group with the moon and the sun?
(a) Venus and Earth.
(b) Venus and Mercury.
(c) Mercury and Mars.
(d) Mars and Venus.

10. What planets were a part of seventh heaven?
(a) Pluto, Mars, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Venus.
(b) Pluto, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter.
(c) Pluto, Mars, Earth, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter.
(d) Pluto, Mars, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter.

11. What begins to make the gods angry and causes them to decide to inflict their wrath on man (the Great Flood and Deluge)?
(a) Gods were picking favorite humans.
(b) Interbreeding has made inferior offspring.
(c) The gods were falling in love with too many human women.
(d) Enlil liked to impose his wrath once in while.

12. What type of planet was Shar?
(a) A planet full of land.
(b) A cold planet.
(c) A fiery planet.
(d) A water planet.

13. What was engraved on the Pioneer 10?
(a) How to build a space craft.
(b) Human beings and planets all in a solar system.
(c) Pictures of identical humans.
(d) A portrait of Inanna.

14. Which god feel in love with Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld?
(a) Nergal.
(b) Enki.
(c) Enlil.
(d) Nanna.

15. Besides gold, silver, and iron, what else did Sitchin suggest that the Nefilim mined?
(a) Gems.
(b) Water.
(c) Radioactive materials.
(d) Land mines.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was the underworld?

2. Besides plants and animals, what other important things were in the Garden of Eden?

3. Why does Inanna go to the underworld?

4. Sitchin suggests that when the Nefilim slave- human stopped having sex with animals and started having sex with women they became _____________.

5. While Adapa was developing and before he was born, where did he live?

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