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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What begins to make the gods angry and causes them to decide to inflict their wrath on man (the Great Flood and Deluge)?
(a) Interbreeding has made inferior offspring.
(b) Gods were picking favorite humans.
(c) The gods were falling in love with too many human women.
(d) Enlil liked to impose his wrath once in while.

2. Where was a spaceport constructed?
(a) Nannar.
(b) Ninurta.
(c) Larsa.
(d) Sippar.

3. What did the clay tablet at Nineveh contain?
(a) Astronomical symbols an repeated symbols.
(b) Letters from one lover to another.
(c) Words of wisdom from the gods.
(d) Instructions on building a space ship.

4. To Sitchin, what were the original humans before they learned how to procreate?
(a) Slaves and dangerous.
(b) Mating with animals.
(c) Sterile crosses of species.
(d) Animals.

5. In Sitchin's opinion, why didn't "life" need a sun?
(a) The sun is overrated.
(b) A planet could generate its own heat to keep it functioning.
(c) Heat is generated by the moon, not the sun.
(d) The sun burns up new life.

6. Which god loved the water of Earth?
(a) Sud.
(b) Nanna.
(c) Enlil.
(d) Enki.

7. Who tempted Eve into eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge?
(a) A serpent.
(b) A lizard.
(c) A snake.
(d) An alligator.

8. How long did the Nefilim occupation last?
(a) It never ended, the Nefilim are still here.
(b) 450,000 years ago until 5,000 years ago.
(c) 13,000 years ago until 5,000 years ago.
(d) 450,000 years ago until 13,000 years ago.

9. What does Sitchin claim about his creation story?
(a) It was completely true.
(b) It was only creationism.
(c) It was a blend of creationism and evolution.
(d) It involved a lot of scientific evolution.

10. What created a rivalry between Enlil and Enki?
(a) Enlil's take over of Earth.
(b) Enlil beat his brother.
(c) Enlil betrayed his brother.
(d) Enlil slept with Enki's wife.

11. What number do we now believe Earth to be (counting from the sun)?
(a) 2nd.
(b) 12th.
(c) 7th.
(d) 3rd.

12. Upon arriving on Earth, what did the Nefilim encounter?
(a) Interesting plants.
(b) Nothing, they created life on Earth.
(c) Dangerous animals.
(d) Homo erectus, "ape man."

13. Of the two brother-gods, who was man's advocate?
(a) Gibil.
(b) Nanna.
(c) Enlil.
(d) Enki.

14. Where were the gods going to go if they destroyed Earth?
(a) Back home.
(b) To another solar system.
(c) Anywhere far away from the humans.
(d) To Venus.

15. What did the Euphrates location provide the Nefilim with?
(a) Humans to enslave.
(b) Animals to kill.
(c) New ideas for their own planet.
(d) Ample space and fuel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were the Anunnaki?

2. The Sumerian Great Flood story, who does Enki inform of the impending flood?

3. What did the Nefilim name the first Earth settlement?

4. What was engraved on the Pioneer 10?

5. What did many Sumerian structures have on the top of buildings?

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