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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why were there 12 gods, signs, and months in a year?
(a) The Sumerians had 12 pieces of land separated by water.
(b) Their king believed in the number 12.
(c) There were only 11 of each.
(d) To correspond with the solar system comprised of 12 planets.

2. Who did Iannna marry?
(a) Enki's son, Enlil.
(b) Her own brother, Ea.
(c) Enki's son, Dumuzi.
(d) No one.

3. What Hittite god was like the Greek god Zeus?
(a) Teshuub.
(b) Tishub.
(c) Tushub.
(d) Tashub.

4. Gravitational pull from what planet pulls Marduk?
(a) Uranus.
(b) Pluto.
(c) Saturn.
(d) Neptune.

5. How was Sitchin able to relate Greek civilization to Hebrew civilization and trace the history of Western civilization?
(a) Through ancient artifacts.
(b) The Torah.
(c) The ancient Christian Bibles.
(d) Through similarities in language.

6. Why don't stars have gods?
(a) Stars have their own gods.
(b) Stars are unlivable places.
(c) Stars are hostile environments.
(d) Stars are too far away for godly visits.

7. In Chapter 4, which god (and son of Anu) was revealed to have created man and ruled from Nippur?
(a) Ninlil.
(b) Ea.
(c) Sud.
(d) Enlil.

8. When did Copernicus discover that the planets move around the sun?
(a) 1600s.
(b) 1400s.
(c) 1700s.
(d) 1500s.

9. Which god replaced Hades in the 12 ruling Olympian Gods?
(a) Hera.
(b) Aphrodite.
(c) Zeus.
(d) Mercury.

10. What is cuneiform?
(a) The Cuni way of life.
(b) A uniform worn by the gods.
(c) A language.
(d) The earliest known form of writing.

11. Surprisingly, what were Greek gods subjected to?
(a) Injury and death.
(b) Petty emotions.
(c) Killing one another.
(d) Resurrection.

12. In Etana's stories, what does Sitchin relate to an eagle?
(a) Astronauts.
(b) Pilots.
(c) Air plane engineers.
(d) Another bird.

13. What type of orbit is the above planet on?
(a) An elliptical orbit.
(b) A circular orbit.
(c) An oblong orbit.
(d) A square orbit.

14. What was found in Shanidar cave?
(a) 100,000 year old skeletons of a family.
(b) 44,000 year old skeletons of a family.
(c) 87,000 year old skeletons of a family.
(d) 55,000 year old skeletons of a family.

15. What brings the Greeks in contact with the Persians in 331 B.C.?
(a) Alexander the Great.
(b) Ur the conqueror.
(c) Cleopatra.
(d) Alexander the Macedonian conquered the Persians.

Short Answer Questions

1. Because Sumerian seemed to have the first schools, a 2-house legislature, historian, written code of law, and legal reform, Sitchin thought that Sumer must have been ______.

2. Along with the sun and the moon, what is the 12th object in the solar system?

3. What did the Sumerians believe Pluto was?

4. This planet comes near earth every 3600 years.

5. To Sitchin, what were decorative rosettes on Sumerian temples?

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