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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, Cities of the Gods.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From 11,000 B.C. to 5,000 B.C., what happened to mankind?
(a) Mankind died off.
(b) Advanced on their own.
(c) Incredible advancement among humans.
(d) Mankind had yet to develop.

2. In Sitchin's estimation, how many years ago was mankind "refreshed"?
(a) 6,000 years ago.
(b) 11,000 years ago.
(c) 80,000 years ago.
(d) 20,000 years ago.

3. In 12TH PLANET, what was Zecharia Sitchin's main argument?
(a) We are all aliens.
(b) There were (at one time) 15 planets in our solar system.
(c) He was a descendant of Jesus.
(d) Sumerian myths of a pantheon of gods are facts.

4. What did the Sumerians know the exact dates of in Chapter 6?
(a) Future events that would happen.
(b) The shifts in the houses of the zodiac.
(c) When rain would come.
(d) Their gods birthdays.

5. Where does Enki's Adapa try to go the gain eternal life?
(a) To the underworld.
(b) To the sea.
(c) To Anu.
(d) To a god higher than Anu.

Short Answer Questions

1. What planet drew Marduk into the solar system?

2. Sitchin found evidence of prior knowledge of the solar system in what cultures?

3. What type of planet was Shar?

4. Sitchin also claimed that the Sumerians were responsible for the invention of ___________ and ___________.

5. To the Sumerians, the arrival of Marduk and Shar was______.

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