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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, The Epic of Creation.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Zeus gain his power?
(a) Defeated a serpentine with his two brothers.
(b) Killed all the other gods.
(c) Killed Hades.
(d) Defeated his own father.

2. Who was the engineer responsible for man's creation?
(a) Anu
(b) Enlil.
(c) Enki.
(d) Ninlil.

3. Sitchin believed that the stories of Sumerian gods were _________.
(a) Not at all true.
(b) Made up by kings and queens.
(c) Challenged by other cultures.
(d) Specific accounts of the creation of planets.

4. Sitchin revealed that who occupied Israel, Lebanon, and Syria in Chapter 3?
(a) Greeks and Romans.
(b) Sumerians.
(c) Babylonians.
(d) The Canaanites.

5. How did Sitchin reinterpret that Sumerian word "Mu"?
(a) "Raidant."
(b) "Shiny."
(c) "To travel."
(d) "To fall."

Short Answer Questions

1. Before Copernicus, what did the Greeks and Romans think about the universe?

2. Where was the Babylonian creation story written?

3. To Sitchin, what is the asteroid belt?

4. When did Copernicus discover that the planets move around the sun?

5. In 12TH PLANET, what was Zecharia Sitchin's main argument?

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