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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, The End of All Flesh.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of the two brother-gods, who was man's adversary?
(a) Gibil.
(b) Enlil.
(c) Cain.
(d) Nanna.

2. How did Sitchin interpret the Babylonian creation story?
(a) The same as other scholars.
(b) Analyzed the story.
(c) Literally.
(d) He did not believe it occurred.

3. What do the older planet-gods promise to Marduk if it can defeat Tiamat?
(a) Power.
(b) Land.
(c) Rulership.
(d) Money.

4. Where did the gods live among the humans?
(a) Gilgamesh.
(b) Ziggurats.
(c) Apin.
(d) Urk.

5. Sitchin believes that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was really _________.
(a) Enlil.
(b) Enki.
(c) Nanna.
(d) Ean.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was the gods' world?

2. From 11,000 B.C. to 5,000 B.C., what happened to mankind?

3. While Adapa was developing and before he was born, where did he live?

4. What culture shared similarities to the Hittite gods?

5. Who excavated a cave called Shanidar in Kurdish territory in 1957?

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