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The 12th Planet/Shar/Marduk

This is the home planet of the Nefilim, which revolves around the sun on an elliptical orbit of 3,600 years.

Agriculture and Husbandry

Sitchin claims that these arose suddenly and inexplicably among men and that the best explanation is that the alien Nefilim gave humans the advanced technology.


This is the oldest known human culture.

The Asteroid Belt

Sitchin claims that Sumerian texts reveal that this in Earth's solar system is the debris left over from half of a previously existing planet that was hit by Shar.


In Sitchin's account, the Nefilim came to Earth to mine minerals and established mines here, ruled over by Enki.

The Winged Globe

Sitchin identifies these or winged stars in ancient art as symbols of Shar, which travels quickly along its orbit.

The Tower of Babel

Sitchin interprets the Bible story of humans raising this...

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