The 12th Planet Character Descriptions

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This is a Sumerian god who was an alien from a planet on an elliptical orbit with our solar system, one of the Nefilim.


This god was the rightful first in line for the throne, and although his brother was the first god who came to Earth to start a mining colony, this god joined him later and took over ruling the lands.


Sitchin uses this term to describe the aliens he believe occupied Earth from 450,000 years ago to 4,000 years ago.


This was the first model human created by Enki/Ea, the chief Nefilim scientist, by genetically combining Homo erectus with Nefilim.


In Sitchin's narrative, Enki gives this man, his servant, the foreknowledge to build a great boat and avoid dying in the Great Flood caused by the end of the last ice age.


He is a...

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